Just what the body needs! Body Haul: shower gel, body oils, and bath products!

I recently did a bit of shopping and now I realized that it is mostly body products. Inadvertently, I put together a BODY HAUL!


I started at Rossmann, where I got a package of bade salz from their house brand Isana. I choose Mandarin and Buttermilk. It sounds like a refreshing scent, lets see. Because it is the house brand this product is rather cheap, if it turns out to be good too, would be great! Then following the bad feeling I was on, I got a tetesept bath for joints and muscle. This one is an oil that contains Arnica and Rosmarin. It sounds like it might help with sore muscles and joints after sports and that is the main reason why I picked it up. Finally from the Dresdner Essenz I got a body oil in the Pfingstrose scent with jojoba oil and a little “wellness zu hause” package (which means wellness at home). The oil comes in an spray dispenser, and I have to say that sounds quite convenient, not sure it is the best for the environment though. The little wellness zu hause package sounds like a very practical idea, all you need to pamper yourself on a sunday evening. It contains bath salts, face mask, body cream and a moisturizing concentrate. Great idea!


Then from a Sisheido stand at Karstadt in Frankfurt I got the blush brush. In general, all the brushes feel really soft like a caress. So I decided to take one home and I picked the blush one. I additionally got some samples from the lady at the counter, which is always exciting of course! One sample is the Pureness Créme Mousse Nettoyante, from which I recently finish a whole tube full size and I will be reviewing soon. The other one is the Shiseido Expert Sun Aging protection Milk SPF 30, always useful to carry in your hand bag!


The little trip ended with a quick small buy at dm. Where I picked up a shower gel on iced strawberry dream by treaclemoon and a Tangle Teezer in Compact Styler, pink and black. And now, to enjoy all of them!


3 responses to “Just what the body needs! Body Haul: shower gel, body oils, and bath products!

  1. I also got the tangle teezer! I’m literally so obsessed with it because it makes my hair sooooo smooth and shiny at the same time :)

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