Sampling around: La Roche-Posay, Toleriane range


I got these samples sometime ago when I bought some La Roche-Posay products in a pharmacy in Frankfurt. The idea of this products is to target people with allergies, or highly sensitive skin that reacts to allergens constantly. This little set contained the Toleriane Dermo-Nettoyant which claims to clean your face and removes make up too. I have to say I never used it to remove make up, so I can not really comment. About how do I liked it? It is hard to say it was a one to two times use sample. It has a very light water kind of consistency. It seemed nice, and I would be interested into trying it out more. The set also contained a Toleriane Teint, Correcteur de teint fluide. This product is also very liquid on the first application, so it is important to apply few and buff it before applying more. It is  light but build-able to medium coverage. I liked it, and if you are allergic, or have problems to find make up that does not cause reactions on you, then maybe this could be for you. Finally there was a one time use sample of their Toleriane Ultra Soin apaisant intense. I imagined this would be a very light moisturizer, but on the contrary, it is a heavy rich moisturizer. It is something I would use only in the evenings before going to bed. Would I buy it? Yes, but I would only use it on days my skin truly needs it, not on a regular basis. Someone with more delicate allergic skin might find it just right for their needs.

Hope it helps!

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