Sampling around: CK one, 3 in 1 face make up


I got these samples when I bought the CK ONE lipstick in the color bliss, probably a month ago. I am always happy to try samples in general, but these I was specially excited because they are brand new products. Now, what do I think from using up these samples?? If you are into high coverage make up this might not be for you, it sits very light on your skin and it is light to medium coverage. I would compare it to the Lancôme foundations, which tend to feel very light on your skin specially the Miracle ones. I think this might be lighter on your skin, like wearing nothing. I am rather into light coverage kind of make up, so this fits me perfectly. If you like heavier make up I would advise you to go straight to the counter to try it directly on your skin before you buy it. Again the design of the packaging is very modern and beautiful, practical too, even the little samples. As you can see they have just a little opening in the middle, like a bottle, which makes the usage more practical. With the regular packaging of these kind of samples, it tends to get messy.

Would I buy the product base on what I tried in these samples? Yes, I would!

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