USA: Revlon Multicare Base&Top coat.

Rituals bodyscrub

4/5 thumbs up! I really like this product!

This product has replaced my O.P.I base and top coat Start to Finish as a favorite. There is one, and only one thing that I do not like about using this product: It takes a long time to dry, and therefore you have to be careful to apply thin layers of it. This is a problem that one can easily go around if you use drying products. It is really good quality, and it maintains your manicure in excellent conditions for minimum a week, I often change it just because I want something different but never because it looks worn down. This is one of those really good products that one does no always come across, and the only reason I do not give it a fifth thumbs up it’s because it takes so long to dry. Once you apply, you have to make sure it has dried before you apply the color, or before you start doing anything. Often enough I went to bed half an hour after doing my manicure, to discover in the morning that it had imprinted the marks of the fabric from the bedsheets. Which only meant I had to do it again. If you are careful and dry it properly then the result is truly worth it!

Would I buy this product again? Yes!

But still on the hunt for something that gives these results but dries out faster.


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