Germany: Kneipp, Badekristalle, Rücken Wohl

Rituals bodyscrub

3/5 thumbs up! I like this product!

This is a good choice if you like taking baths after doing sports. It helps you relax in the bath, while it also helps relax your sore muscles. I found this in German drogeries like dm and Rossmann, but I think it might be available in supermarkets in Switzerland too (Coop or Migros) and in Austria. I really like bath products that come in single use like this, because you can try all different kinds of baths without buying a big bottle of anything. More variety if you like! I have use this after sports and I feel that my muscles will complain about the effort done. Surely a combination of the temperature of the bath and the product is what gives the relaxing result on you and your muscles.

Would I buy this again? Yes! I like it and I will buy it again.


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