Italy: milk_shake, shampoo and conditioner

Rituals bodyscrub

1/5 thumbs up. I did not like this product a bit!

Recently I got a haircut close by the Schweizerstrasse in Frankfurt. The hairdresser suggested this products to me, she said my scalp was a bit dry. You can only get this product in authorized hair salons, and to be honest I am not sure exactly where in the world can you get this. I can only safely say that it is available in Germany,  and probably in Italy. Unfortunately I can not recommend this product. I have dry to normal hair if it helps as a reference, so I thought this would truly help based on what it says on the tin. The result was nothing as expected though, this products made my hair so dry and it felt so damaged that I limited its use to once a week, using something else in between until I finished it, and the day I used it I also applied a nutritious hair mask.

The shampoo is very liquid, so to apply I had to keep a small glass in the shower where I would mix it with water and then pour slowly over my hair. This is just more work and in my case for no good reason. The conditioner has a marvelous scent, and it claims to contain organic muru muru. If used as described it does make your hair manageable, in the sense that there are no knots in it, but it did not nourished at all my hair. In the end my hair was so bushy and looked so dry damaged, that I had to use an extra product daily to keep it down and more or less decent.

It might be that my scalp is now more than happy, but if to get there I need to get bushy dry and damaged hair sounds rather unfair. Obviously it might be that this works well on a different kind of hair, or it might have been the wrong call on the hairdresser as well. But what it is for sure is that I won’t be buying this again.

Would I buy this again? No, unfortunately not at all.

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