X vs Y: Revlon vs. Collistar on top coats

If you have seen my review on the Collistar top coat, you know that in the instructions it is said that you can use it also as a base. I would like to separate this comparison into two, one where I compare them as a base, and a second one where we compare them only as a top coat.


Talking about their performance as a base: Lets start with Revlon and the Multicare Base+Top coat, it takes a long time to dry which can be annoying, but it is something you can get around to. It is important that you make thin layers with it for better performance. But with this your nail polish lasts minimum 7-8 days, probably even more. After a week when I remove my nail polish it still looks good, rare chips from time to time, I just change it because I like to try new manicures. Now, lets move to Collistar’s Top Coat Gel and volume effect. I do not recommend it as a base at all, every time I used it as a base my nail polish peeled off even on the same day I applied it. So even if the instruction booklet suggests it, ignore and use it only as a top coat. Here Revlon wins big time!

Now, moving on as their performance as a top coat: Now lets invert the order and start with Collistar. It fulfills its promise it does give a gel and volume effect. This top coat looks really glossy and beautiful, this effect nevertheless gets a bit damaged rather quickly. It stays glossy but it sort of cracks. It is not always super obvious, so you might be able to get away with it. The Revlon one as a top coat, again my main complain is that it takes forever to dry and you have to make sure to use thin layers of it. The looks of it are fine but not as glossy as the Collistar, but your nails are truly protected and last a long time looking fine. I would say here wins one or the other depending on your needs: If you need heavy duty, take Revlon. If you are going to some special event you can take Collistar, after all it just has to stay put for a few hours or a day.

I would say Revlon wins this one, just because it gives a solid result of making my manicure last longer beautiful. The collistar might work for a special day where you know you will be using your manicure for a day or two. But for someone that needs a solid week, or even more then the Revlon one is your friend. The major disadvantage I see in it is the time it takes to dry, but you can always find a solution to it, and the result is worth it.

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