Germany: Nivea, sanftes Augen Make-up entferner

Nivea Augenmakeupentferner

I really like this product! 4 Thumbs up!

I bought this in Switzerland, most probably in a Coop, but it could have been a Migros as well. In general, there are certain kind of products of which I like to try always something new, and others where I stick to what I like everytime. Eye make up removal is one of those where I will come back to what I like often enough, but from time to time I also like to try new things.

I really like this eye make up removal, it does its job very well and it does not irritate my eyes. It is also fairly priced, what can be better than good quality at a fair price! It does not remove waterproof make up, you will need a bi-phasic formula for efficient removal in that case. This is one of those simple nice effective products, almost like one of those people working in the shadows, that you notice when they are gone. And then you realize how important and efficient they are. What would this need to get another thumbs up? That is a hard question. Maybe to be even more effective at removing make up.

Would I buy this again? Yes, I have and it seems I will.

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