Sampling around: Pureness Shiseido


I got this as a set for 25 Euros I believe in a Karstadt in Germany, and I thought it was a great way to test the Pureness cleansing range from Shiseido. The set came with a full size cleansing foam cream, a travel size balancing softener lotion alcohol free and a matifying moisturizer oil free. I most probably will do a full review on the cleansing foam cream soon, but I can tell you a bit ahead: it leaves your skin squeaky clean but it does not feel dry, it makes a sort of creamy flat foam when you work it on your skin. I have so far never tried a cleansing cream like this, but I really enjoyed it! The lotion did not make any impression on me really, it could be the sample was too small and I would have needed to try it longer to create an impression, it was nice but nothing outstanding. The moisturizer is probably my favorite from all these three. It is matifying but not silicony or dry, it also feels quite fresh nothing heavy on your skin. From all three the matifying moisturizer is the one I will buy for sure, the cleansing foam cream from time to time, and the lotion probably not. Hope it helps!

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