Sampling around: Glo-Minerals, Powder foundation


I got this sample some time ago in a beauty box from Switzerland. At the beginning I thought this was a small sample, soon I realized it is actually a lot of product. I took this sample on a long trip, I was traveling for about a month, and this is how it look at the end of the trip:


It was then clear it was a really generous sample. It is made in the USA and I have never tried anything from the brand before. I used it almost everyday during my trip. I like this foundation because it helped to bring down the shine from the sunscreen. It has probably light to medium coverage (as you might guess this far, I mostly like sheer foundations). Probably not suited for dry skin, in case you do have dry skin, I would recommend you to try it out in the shop before you decide to buy it. I found it fine, it is a nice foundation and all, but unfortunately it did not impress me enough to make me buy it. So, the answer to the question would I buy it? It will have to be: no. But it is not a bad product, if you are curious feel free to go and try it out in the shops, it is a nice product.


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