Incoming…Bright legs and lips haul

Regular day, walking around and these tights were so bright that it was like they were screaming “buy me!”.


There were lots of colors, but these bright pink and bright blue were my favorite ones. The leggins don’t look like the actual color, they are of a dark plum color. The packaging is also quite attractive and cute.

Next, I passed by the brand new counter of Calvin Klein at Karstadt in Frankfurt. They did not even have everything set up yet.


I got a look at the products, and decided to buy a lipstick. The packaging of the products is really modern and beautiful. Very practical too, since the material is like latex and it does not slip easily. The color variety is not so big yet, but I can imagine that eventually they will get more. The choice even when limited is good. I got this beautiful soft peachy color.


Additionally, I got a trio case for ARTDECO eye shadows with a motif of Dita Von Teese, that I found really beautiful. Finally the lady at the CK counter gave me some samples from the make up and also perfume samples.


I think it was a very productive day!


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