The Netherlands: Rituals, Sakura Scrub, Organic sugar and cherry blossom

Rituals bodyscrub

5/5 thumbs up! I love this body scrub.

This body scrub was a pleasant surprise to me. I did not expect so much, even though in the rituals shops you can always try out the products, a bit like in Lush. This particular one has the perfect grade of grainy for my taste. I don’t like it too soft, because then I feel nothing happens. It is very oily with the sugar grains in it, therefore it leaves a nice soft feeling after you use but not so oily that it could bother you. I truly like and enjoy this body scrub and my only complaint comes from the packaging. Although it states how much product you are getting, the packaging is design to deceive, it looks really big, but the product is contained only between the top and half of the container, the rest is just plastic. I don’t appreciate that the vendor tries to trick me, and the product is so good I don’t see why they would need to. I would rate this as good as lush sea salt, or a little bit behind. I use a body scrub once a week, and overall this product lasted me around a month and a half.

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