Sampling around: Dior, Hydra Life, Créme Sorbet Pro-Jeunesse


I truly love this product! I had three little tubes of this with something I bought, probably at Douglas in Germany. It is one of those products that make you truly see a difference. If I would do a review this would get a 5/5 thumbs up. Unfortunately, I don’t feel it is fair to make a review on samples, even though I got at least a month of use of this with three tubes.

When I started using it, I had some dry patches around my nose. I was using a different face cream and it was doing nothing to them, so additionally day and night I was using the Caudalie SOS face cream only on those dry patches. This helped but did not solve the issue, because in the morning and in the evening after washing my face, the dry patches were there again. Since I started using this cream and only in the evenings, the dry patches are gone. Additionally, two days ago I did some face peeling and used a deep cleansing mask, some dry patches around the nose appeared again. I used this cream in the evening before going to bed, and this morning nothing!

Would I buy this product based in my sample experience? Yes, I am definitely going to buy this cream for my evening routine, or special days with really dry skin. I totally recommend this product, I had a really good experience with it.

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