Italy: Collistar, Top Coat Effeto Gel & Volume

Collistar top coat

1/5 thumbs up. I don’t like this product at all.

I was very excited about trying this out. I watched it over in the shop a few times before I finally decided to buy it. In the instructions it is said that you can use this as a base and top coat, so I was very happy this was not only a top coat. Unfortunately, it was a disaster as a base coat. I tried it two to three times to make sure it was indeed due to this product. Every time the nail polish peeled off almost immediately as you can see in the picture.


I decided to try it out only as a top coat then, here it performed much better. It is indeed very glossy and adds volume. Unfortunately it is also not very good as a top coat, it crackles this is not a very flattering image on your nails. It does not peel off anymore, it stays put, but crackled.

Would I buy this again? Unfortunately not.

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