Rituals, Lush and more…

Some weeks ago I was doing some shopping and here is what I got:


First I went into a Rituals shop, from the things I saw there it was mostly the body scrubs what got me interested. I picked up two different ones. The Himalaya Wisdom prepared with salt, and the Sakura scrub with sugar. I am already trying the Sakura scrub and so far it looks pretty good. I also got the Magic touch Cherry blossom and rice milk, pretty creamy and thick but with a lovely soft texture that absorbs quick. I got a shower gel in Hammam Olive Secret and I got a free Happy Mist in Mandarin for my purchase.

IMG_5974_1 copy

After this, I went into Lush and got crazy into bath bomb shopping, as you can see from this pic.


Finally, I got a few things here and there: Bioderma Sensibio Solution Micellaire and Sensibio Mask, Mask Apaisant for sensitive intolerant skin; and a couple of aromatic soaps at Zara Home: in Pure Gardenia and White Jasmine.


I am very excited about all these, and you will hear soon about what I think about them!


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