France: essie, nagellack

Clarins Lip perfector

5/5 thumbs up! I love this product!

I got to know them in Germany actually. While being in Switzerland we crossed the border to visit some town close by in Germany. There we went into a supermarket and next to it a small dm, there and then I picked the first one of my Essie nail polishes. Later on, I realized that actually you can also find them in Switzerland at COOP city for instance in the Bahnhofstrasse. These are in general really good quality and fairly priced. From time to time you might found a particular color that can be slightly strikey or too sheer even with two coats. But as an overall impression they are good quality and not as expensive as OPI or Butter London. One of the things that I like the most about this nail polishes is the brush, it is quite squared, which is my favorite kind! Color range is great, they have also special editions often enough. Would I buy this again? Yes, I do all the time!

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