USA: Sally Hansen, Crackle Nail polish.

Clarins Lip perfector

4/5 thumbs up! I really like it!

I got this in México, at the beauty section of a Sanborns. There were many beautiful colors, but I got a purple one and this dark crackle to go with it. I know that you can get Sally Hansen products in the USA and México, and recently I learned that there is a dm or rossmann in Frankfurt Germany, at the Kaiserstrasse. They have a counter with Sally Hansen products and I also found a couple of online shops that stock them. As with most Sally Hansen nail polishes, I really liked this one. It is good quality, it lasts on your nails and it does look like on the cover of the bottle. I even used it on a non-sally hansen nail polished and it also worked out. So maybe test before you do all your nails to check if it works, but now at least you know its possible! Would I buy it again: Yes!

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