X vs Y: A rosy glow vs a rose Ballerina. Who wins?


This might not be a completely fair comparison since the Lancôme Rose Ballerine is a blush
highlighter, but nevertheless here I come with my verdict: The winner is…Dior Rosy Glow!

Now, let me explain you why I rather use the Dior Rosy Glow: Just a little bit of product applied really easy and quick gives you literally “A Rosy Glow”. Something “einfach” and quick to use  in the mornings when you do not have much time with a lovely result. On the other hand, The Rose Ballerina is a bit harder to work and it can look chalky, at least on my skin. I would say, try it a couple of times in the shop and have a close look at it in the mirror before you decide to buy it. Hope it helps!

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