Switzerland: I am, Klärende Reinigungsmaske with Tea tree oil.

Neutrogena pore refining facewash

3/5 thumbs up! I like it!

In general, I enjoy trying out face masks. I have some in tube, but I quite like to buy a lot of this little masks. This is a special edition, but it is out there right now again. “I am” is the supermarket brand (Migros) for beauty products (https://www.i-am.ch/de-ch/home/produkte/gesichtspflege-und-reinigung/normale-haut.aspx). I liked this mask, it did clear my pores and I enjoyed using it. I would not replace my Lancôme Pure  Empreinte but it is one of those that I like to alternate around with.

As an extra note: I recently had an allergic reaction to a face mask. (This unfortunately means I won’t be able to review it for you) I did do a patch test, but I did not wait long enough. I was lucky I did not have a terrible reaction, and I took the right measures to minimize it. So as a remainder please, please please, do patch test and wait long enough before trying anything new on you.

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