Blush Haul at Douglas…


A couple of weeks ago I went to Douglas at the Zeil in Frankfurt to check out Blushes and got a few, I got three blushes, two from Lancôme and one from Chanel, and a bunch of other beautiful interesting things. The whole story comes from a beautiful blush I got for Christmas from my family by Elizabeth Arden in bright pink. I have been hunting for it since a while to no avail, it is not produced anymore. After long time of thinking about it, I decided to go shopping and find a new favorite that you can actually buy these days.

First, I stopped by Chanel where this beautiful bright red creamy blush catch my eye: Le Blush Crème de Chanel 67 Chamade. Talking to the girl at the counter I got interested into trying a foundation by Chanel, and she recommended this for my skin type: Mat Lumière Teint Fluide Mat et Lumineux Longue Tenue with SPF 15. I would wish higher SPF but let’s see how it goes. I will keep you updated soon.

As a plus I got a really red lipstick from the range Rouge Allure Velvet in 38, La Fascinante. Sexy, sexy!



Later on, I visited the Lancôme counter where I got my second and third blush, the Rose Ballerina Poudre Lumière and a Blush Subtil in 021 Rose Paradis. The Rose Ballerina has a rather unfortunate packaging if you ask me, but the color is beautiful, the lady at the counter tried it on me. It is more of a blush highlighter kind of product. My very fist blush was by Lancôme ages ago, and I still own a Blush Subtil, but this bright pink made me think of that mythic Elizabeth Arden one. I will let you know how they develop!

An extra thing that I got was a lip gloss that the lady at the counter tried on me to match the blush she already put on, and it is this lovely bright pink of gloss in love in 391. Gorgeous or?

Lancôme Douglas March 2014

The rest are just bits that I got around the shop, the Collistar set of a base+top coat and a black pen for nail art. And two perfumes: Anna by Anna Yake and Hilfiger Woman Flower. Anna is of a very subtle sweet and Flower a not very subtle flowery sweet scent.



Finally of course I got a few samples! Very excited about trying out the Chanel samples, specially the weekend. I find the whole idea wonderful and would not mind to try it.



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