Sampling around: Clarins, Concentré Décolleté et Cou Multi-Intensif

Clarins neck and decolete

I think I got this sample at a buy in Douglas in Frankfurt at the shop that is in the Zeil. As a Skincare product is obviously hard to judge its effects on your skin, specially with a little sample. The idea of having a specific cream for your neck, shoulders and Décolleté might sound good, but I am not really sure how practical it is, or how different it is from a regular face moisturizer. In general, I do not think that I need this product because I often extend the use of my face moisturizer all the way to my neck. And in my chest and shoulders I wear a body cream or oil daily after a shower/bath. It is maybe more of a product for more mature skin (40s, 50s?)where a regular body moisturizer is not enough. It costs around 70Euro and it is made in France. I do not think I would be buying this product, nothing really wrong with it, but as I just said it does not fit my needs.

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