México: Grisi, Concha Nácar crema corporal

Grisi Concha Nácar

3/5 thumbs up! I like this product!

Recently I attended an event where I would wear something that shows my shoulders. Even though I am not a fan of laying in the sun, having a delicate skin means that you get sun marks from bikini or from light clothes on your body from any exposure to the sun. I wanted to unify my skin and show wonderful mark-free shoulders. In México, the use of Concha Nácar (Mother of Pearl) as an ingredient that helps lightening your skin is widespread and this brand has a long history of producing cosmetics based on natural sources (chamomile, honey, milk, etc). I got this in the supermarket two months before the date, and started using it everyday. It did work well and I could show my shoulders with no visible marks. It might feel a bit hard to spread at first, but it slowly gets easier to. It has sunscreen in, and no aroma. It would get another thumbs up if it would not be difficult to spread on your skin at first.

2 responses to “México: Grisi, Concha Nácar crema corporal

  1. Unfortunately I finished this one. But let’s see maybe next time I am in México I can ship one for you. :)

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