Lush Haul: A bohemian neon love in a floating island.


I was recently in Frankfurt and went to the Zeil as usual. I decided to go to Lush to repurchase my popcorn lip scrub. Once inside, a few things got my interest. Mostly I bought soaps, including the special edition Neon love (it was one of the last pieces) this smells really fruity and contains passion fruit and figs. I got Bohemian which has a very citrus fresh aroma (it contains lemon oil), and Dirty Soap which smells like spearmint, sandalwood, pine and more also a fresh scent I would say. I bought a Floating Island luxury bath melt, which is suppose to be moisturizing and contains cocoa butter, let’s see. For my hands I got Lemony Flutter. I have never tried this before and I am always trying new hands cream, so I will be reviewing this one soon. I also got a free sample from Tiny Hands, which I remembered ok, but this one might be old and feels just too oily on your hands. (


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