ANNY – Open Air Hippie Festival Collection

Polish Alcoholic

Hello everyone!

Shortly after ANNY released their textured collection Desert Glam, they launched the following collection called Open Air Hippie Festival:
anny open air hippie festivalThis collection consists of six new shades of which four have a subtle silver shimmer. The shimmer isn’t really noticeable once it’s on the nails, but it’s there :D

On to the swatches!

Music in the air, a light lavender purple cream with ultra fine silver shimmer. The formula is on the thin side and quite tricky to work with. It’s also sheer. You can get away with two generous coats but I used three thin here.anny music in the airIndian sun, a bright yellow cream with a tiny bit of silver shimmer hidden in the formula. As with most yellow polishes the application isn’t very easy. This is two coats: anny indian sunCatch fire, really looks coral in the bottle but it dries darker. On my nails it…

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