Mexico: Pond’s Oil Balance Espuma limpiadora.

Mexico: Pond's Oil Balance Espuma limpiadora.

Unfortunately only 2/5 thumbs up. I was quite excited to try this, I have been looking for alternatives to my regular lancome face cleansing foam. Something to alternate between my favourite highend product and something more affordable but good quality. At the moment I am traveling though Japan, so I thought it would be a good test, since lancome’s foam is not available in travel size. I am on with it for ten days in a row andfrom the first day on it was clear that it does not clean your face completely. When passing cotton with tonic you an see dirt on it. I started doing a double cleanse. It is affordable, 45 pesos, something around 4dollars. This time the nice pic will have to wait, since i am on the go for a while i did not take my laptop but just tablet. I hope you can forgive me, but i promise to compensate by posting later on the japanese products I am getting here. Greetings from Japan!

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